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    Perugia is one of Italy's richest towns in terms of history and traditions.


    Perugia is one of Italy's richest towns in terms of history and traditions. Its historical city centre preserves its ancient charm which is the best evidence of its important past. Its history begins in prehistoric times to continue with the Etruscan settlement and its romanization before Christ. In the 12th century, the town developed into an independent city state to then fall under the dominion of the Pope until 1860. At present times, Perugia is the provincial and regional capital of Umbria and is at the crossroads of strategic train-lines and highways which easily connect the town with Rome and Florence. Perugia has one of Europe's oldest universities and some of the most prestigious institutes such as the University for Foreigners.


    - National Gallery of Umbria
    - Collegio del Cambio
    - Collegio della Mercanzia
    - Archaeological museum of Umbria


    The list of events in Perugia is long and runs through the whole year.
    The "Big Festival", in May, is a compendium of shows to commemorate the events of the Risorgimento.
    In summer, to be precise in July, Perugia hosts the very most important Jazz festival in Europe – "Umbria Jazz" – and in the same month the town organises culinary itineraries to have you try the typical local cuisine.
    In September, there's the fair of acoustic musical instruments.
    In October, those who love antiquities can visit one of Italy's most significant antiquity-fairs.
    In November, the All Souls' fair which enjoys the participation of over 600 stands, features a century-long tradition.
    During Christmas-time, you can visit the live Christmas-crib in the church of Saint Dominic (S. Domenico).
    All year round, boys and girls can enjoy the wonders of the zoo and entertainment-park at the Città della Domenica.
    For those who love food, we can recommend Eurochocolate – the International Chocolate Exhibition (in October)

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